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Addicted to the Rise

Addicted to the Rise is a cutting-edge dry fly book, For full review and details, click here.  Never before has there been such an interactive book that includes DVD video segments and blog inserts to help you improve your dry fly game! Click here for reviews!

Addicted to the Rise Music Video

Winter on a Dry Fly

Winter on a Dry Fly, our second book, is here! And like our first book, Addicted to the Rise, it includes a 1-year free subscription to the Fishing Report Blog [current subscribers receive an additional year]. For full review and details, click here.

Here are some evaluations from fly fishers who have attended one or more of these presentations:

“Like many of the speakers we have invited to our club meetings, Nate Brumley puts on an informative and interesting presentation using slides and video clips to demonstrate his theories on fishing.  What sets Nate apart is his passion and enthusiasm for dry fly fishing and his ability to make you believe that with the right fly, in the right water, you too can be a “dry fly guy or gal”!  His presentation is fast paced, but he takes the time to answer all questions and was very well received by our club. He has a friendly, easy going personality and was very approachable.  I would highly recommend inviting him as a speaker to any type of event or seminar, you won’t regret it.”

Rynie Miyashiro, 2017 President, Sunriver Anglers, Bend OR

“Not just a ‘show’ of where to fish, but where on the water to find fish and how to present the fly all supported by live action filming. Wow!”


“On the behalf of the Women Fly Fishers of Idaho, thank you so much for all you do for us! Excellent presentations, professionalism and pride in your business. The Brumleys care about the fly fishers in Idaho and it shows!” 

Judy Tallada, 2015 President

“I learned more about dry fly fishing tonight.”


“I wish I had seen this years ago, I would be a better fly fisher today.”


“On behalf of all of us in the Pinocchio group, I wanted to tell you thank you for your time and expertise tonight. We had a great time and learned so much. We hope you have great success in your business and know that your products are second to none!” 

Steve Leonard, President, Pinocchio Fly Fishing

“Over the past ten years I have seen roughly 60 presentations to different fly clubs. This by far was the best organized and well presented fly fishing program I have ever seen.”


“I have now changed the way I approach the water when dry fly fishing.”


“Nate brings an infectious exuberance to fly tying that few can equal. His presentations offer a fun and fresh approach to fly tying instruction and fly fishing videos. His patterns are innovative and very effective. He is a great ambassador for dry fly fishing and tying.”

Dr. Mark Grajcar, 2014 President, Boise Valley Fly Fishermen

“The ‘how to’ of dry fly fishing connected to the filming was superb – a great learning tool.”


“One of the best presentations ever.”


If you’re a member of a fly fishing club or responsible for a fly fishing show, please contact us for our rates to present at your venue.


Our fishing DVDs are designed for three main interests: Entertainment DVDs for the individual who enjoys watching a lot of fish caught on a certain river with a variety of DFI fly patterns; Fly Tying DVDs that illustrate and teach the art of tying our patterns; and Educational DVDs produced to help one become a better dry fly fisher in every season of the year, in every water condition, and in every hatch encountered. So whatever your fancy, we have the DVD for you!