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We’ve designed Addicted to the Rise to be a unique learning experience. There are, of course, numerous concepts expressed in the publication, but we’ve taken them to a whole new level. Contained in a sleeve attached to the book is a 90-minute video. It’s broken down into 43 video clips that tie precisely to the theories conveyed in the book.

Are you a fly tyer? There's even a chapter with recipes of Nate's favorite top 12 flies.

As a final touch, we have interwoven our Fishing Report Blogs within the text as an extended learning tool. The blogs display how dry fly concepts occur in real life on a river or lake somewhere. It’s like receiving complicated problem-solving in real time on the water. With the purchase of this book, you will receive a 1-year subscription* to our entire Fishing Report Blog library (1100 blogs over 11 years), and with the DVD, that’s a $40 value. *Note: If you already are subscribed, an additional year will be added.

There's something magical about learning when all of your senses are employed. It adds excitement, reality, and best of all, you'll retain the information. Addicted to the Rise is a coordinated effort to make dry fly fishing come alive!

Offered within the book review are the following components. Click to evaluate:

PLEASE NOTE: For ease of download, we've rendered these videos in mp4 (a much lower quality) production. The DVD included within the book is in HD format.

 Upside-Down Delivery (extracted from the “Deliveries” chapter)

Cut Banks and Undercover (taken from the “Where Fish Live” chapter)

Should you wish to up your game on a dry fly, there are many opportunities to do so within the pages of Addicted to the Rise.For your autographed copy, order now!

Addicted to the Rise $49.95
Dry fly concepts, colored photos, video clips, Fishing Report Blogs, and Nate's top 12 fly recipes integrated into this 255-page book. Includes a 90-minute...
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