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Nate at 9:00 PM on Monday, Jan 12th, 2015

January 12, 2015 SF Boise River Winter Dry Fly Fishing Report: 34°/Overcast/Mild breeze upriver

If we fish, we blog. Regardless of results, we have always expressed the true experiences of fishing a dry fly. We don’t write blogs only on those days that we are successful then elect not to write if the fishing is a little off. We do this to establish a theory: We believe you can hook a fish on a dry fly in any water condition at any time of year. Not only can you do this but in many cases, you can do it big. For those of you who follow our blogs, you...
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Nate at 11:24 AM on Friday, Jun 27th, 2014

June 27, 2014 Henry’s Fork of the Snake River (Harriman Ranch Section) Dry Fly Fishing Report: Wind 5-10 MPH Out of the South

Day 3: I awoke to the sound of hard rain pounding on the roof of the vehicle. I was in a campground called Cherry Creek along the west shore of Hebgen Lake. The low clouds had set in and not only was it raining, it had all indications it would rain for a long time. I loaded the rig in the rain and headed for the Henry’s Fork, Harriman Ranch section. I had fished it about a week and a half ago and thought I might want to refresh my memory. Refer to blog dated...
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Nate at 3:38 PM on Thursday, Aug 22nd, 2013

August 22, 2013 Cirque and Island Lakes (White Clouds Boulder Lakes Chain) Day 4: Cloudy/Breezy/Warm/Thunder and lightning and light rain

There was one large lake left in the chain that we hadn't fished--Cirque Lake. It was about a half mile above us. We decided to pack the backpacks, hang them in a tree to keep them away from squirrels, and walk up to the last lake in the chain. Almost all of the lakes we visited had streams coming in and out which created spawning water. As I have mentioned earlier, if fish spawn naturally on a lake, the fish tend to be smaller. Cirque Lake was at the top of the drainage with spring-fed...
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Nate at 1:22 PM on Saturday, Jul 28th, 2012

July 28, 2012 SF Snake River Dry Fly Fishing Report

We didn’t get home from Hebgen Lake the previous day until 1AM. We launched the boat on the South Fork about 9 AM, still a bit groggy from the day before. I would admit when Steve and I fish together, we do it hard and nonstop. I worked the edges of the river with a combination of big and small bugs and had no takers. We pulled in on a riffle and wade fished for a few hours. Steve caught one nice rainbow on a dropper and I caught a couple smaller fish on...
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Nate at 5:12 PM on Monday, Aug 8th, 2011

August 8, 2011 Big Creek (below confluence of Smith Creek) Dry Fly Fishing Report

Day 2: I started the day at the confluence of Beaver and Big Creeks, approximately three miles down the trail. On the second cast a big cutty rolled up and ate my #14 Beetle. After a bit of a tussle in fast water the first westslope cutthroat was being admired at the bank. After a few more casts another cutty came calling--this one even larger than the first. I worked the Beetle through the soft water of a fairly large hole and then switched off to a #8 Bullethead Hopper. Bingo! Another big cutty...
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