Nate BrumleyNate is a freak of nature. For over 60 years, the only thing tied to his tippet was a dry fly. No matter the venue, (lakes, tail waters, spring creeks, or freestones) a dry fly has always been his offering. That history has produced a phenomenal flight path to the most exciting fly fishing of your lifetime. Because he can teach you how. He has authored two cutting-edge books (Addicted to the Rise and Winer on a Dry Fly) that are rich in essential knowledge. His live and Zoom presentations are master classes with specific blueprints for successful dry fly fishing. Furthermore, Nate has a long history in fly tying that has created some of the most successful dry fly patterns in existence. It’s DFI and Nate Brumley’s ultimate goal to help you become a better “DRY FLY GUY.”

Geoff BrumleyGeoff is an Idaho native who’s lived his whole life in Idaho (minus 3 years for college). He lives in Boise with his wife Liz and two sons—the next generation of dry fly guys. Geoff spent his life hunting and fishing, but the only sport that truly captured his attention was dry fly fishing. Raised by the “Dry Fly Guru,” he only tied on what he was given, and that was always a dry fly. Thirty-five years later, he’s never sunk a nymph or hucked a streamer; he didn’t set out in life this way, it was “the way of life.” The art of tying flies and fooling big fish with those flies has set his life on a trajectory that will last a lifetime. He hopes to pass it down to the two little dry fly guys coming up the ranks his passion and addiction for dry fly fishing. His hands are full because both boys have an addiction for fly fishing that is equal or greater than their dad’s!

Nathan Brumley Nathan Nathan started his musical career by winning Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest in 2000 that led to his move from Boise, ID to the music mecca of the Nashville, TN. He has signed with Warner Brothers, Embassy Music, Revealed Recordings, NCS, Enhanced Music and Dharma Recordings. In addition, Nathan has been a writer for the Songs of Love Foundation that writes customized songs for kids with terminal illnesses. He has also helped to play and organize music for the Nashville Lupus Foundation. Through his time in Nashville, he has been involved in many music genres including Christian, Pop, Country, Indie Rock and EDM. His film credits include The Young and The Restless, cuts on MTV reality shows, and placements on the Discovery and Oxygen channels.

Nathan and his wife Melanie live in Nashville with their two sons. His music is used exclusively in DFI's videos.

Debbie Brumley Peach's position? Anything! She is a retired high school teacher (Business Law, Personal Finance, Accounting, Web Design, Computers, and more!), and the matriarch of DFI. She is the one to get these guys into shape; that's probably not noticeable in the photo as her large biceps are hidden by her huge fish. When Dr. Peach speaks, they all jump (or run for the door to go fishing!)

Brent Hendrich and Nathan Brumley Behind the Scenes
Introducing Brent Hendrich and Nathan Brumley of Nashville, Tennessee. They are the production crew for all of the music on our videos and website. Brent does all the final mixes; Nathan composes, arranges, and plays all the music scores.

Joshua and Mudd Mudd finally found a friend!