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Where "Dry fly fishing knows no season!" We can make magic happen before your very eyes. How? We design DRY FLIES that you can fish from early spring until the ice is floating in the winter. From high mountain lakes to spring creeks or tail waters, we have a recipe and a strategy that might change your whole perspective of DRY FLY fishing forever! Our mission is "To provide the finest dry flies and superb dry fly fishing techniques to anglers at all levels of expertise."

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New Arrivals!

Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Floating Dry Fly Line - SA Fly Line Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Floating Dry Fly LinePremium, all-around floating trout line with Weight-Forward taper that excels at delivering dry flies. Built with Dry Tip Technology that prevents the front of... $75.00
Anglers Image® Magnetic Fly Threader - Fly Threader Anglers Image® Magnetic Fly ThreaderA simple tool that works extremely well. For fishermen who fish in low light conditions or don’t see as well as they used to,... $9.95
Black Gold Sparkle - Limited Edition! - Black Gold Sparkle Black Gold Sparkle - Limited Edition!Great attractor fly! We take our signature Black Gold and add bling! Limited quantities on hand. $2.35
PMD Hatching  - PMD Hatching Emerger PMD Hatching *NEW!* Please note the sizes 20 and 18 on this fly. The hook is a Daiichi 1270 which is a 3X long, making... $2.35

PMD Hatching: Ask the fish on the Ruby or Clark Fork or the Owyhee Rivers what they think of this fly. They’ll tell you they loved it—until they ate it!! The test period on this bug was extremely impressive. Want to fool some real smart fish in a PMD hatch? Serve them this bad boy!!

Trico Convertible - Trico Convertible Trico Convertible $2.45

 Trico Convertible:This is a little bug with a nasty attitude and a bad habit of picking a fight with fish way bigger than him. Read the Blog dated August 6, 2014 to see just how effective this trico pattern is over big smart fish.

Custom Fly Boxes

Personalized Dry Fly Boxes

It's time to let Dry Fly Innovations design a professional dry fly box specific for the rivers you fish and for your favorite time of year. We will do all the work for you! We match the hatches and correlate them exactly to our flies. You know that you will spend hundreds of dollars on dry flies this year, so why not make them organized and perfect? If you want to catch a lot of fish on a dry fly, you must own the right BUGS!

Just give us your budget (minimum $150 which includes the box, cheat sheet with fly placement, name, and size) and we'll do the rest. This purchase entitles you to a 10% discount on all items Dry Fly Innovations sells for life. Click here to see other customized boxes.

Where are you fishing?
Check out our exclusive Destination Packs. Wherever you may be fishing, we got the bug for you! We don't have your specific location? Just call us and we will match the hatch for your water and make suggestions for all times of the year.

Dry Fly Academy

Now available!

After a year in production, Dry Fly Academy, the "Bible" of dry fly, is now available on DVD. This comprehensive presentation combines over 50 years of dry fly knowledge, expert tactics, and iron-clad strategies that will dramatically up your game on a dry. Click here for more information.

The treasure trove of information is delivered in an acute style with still photos, PowerPoint instruction, and cutting-edge video and has enthralled audiences across the country. Here are just a few comments from people who have attended this course: 

Your presentation was interesting, entertaining, and full of valuable information. ST
Thanks Nate I made some notes on quite a few things I need to change. My goal is to increase my dry fly catch by 10% of the fish you post in your blogs! BW
Thanks for the excellent class Saturday. I learned a bunch. Things that I was doing wrong and things that I need to do in the future.  Your expertise and great knowledge has helped me a lot. Thanks again. GW
For all of you who have not attended Nate's Dry Fly Academy at the recent fly fishing shows, you missed his best presentation ever. DC
 I never miss one of your presentations!  You are clearly very knowledgeable. And, as a retired educator, I am truly impressed with your excellent delivery---great enthusiasm and great video clips!  Looking forward to next time! LN

Note: For all participants of the live presentations at shows, we are offering this DVD for half price. Please contact us for details.

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