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Caddis - Green River Caddis, Green River Sally,and Tan Rippin' Lips Caddis Digital Download

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Caddis: There's something special about the cute little amber butt on this bug that lures in big fish. It's proven to be a great searching fly and hooks most rising fish as well.

Sally: This pattern was originated on the Green River but lo and behold, it's catching fish all over. If your river has a sally hatch, get this nasty little gal over the fish. She's fished big every place we've casted her!

Rippin' Lips: Hot new tan caddis pattern that has overachieved in its testing period! Its bear hair wings and biot body makes this fly the perfect presentation on both fast and slow water. This is a great "Searcher" pattern and very precise in the hatch.

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