Fly Tying Library

Fly Tying Library

Welcome to DFI’s Fly Tying Library. This section of our web site is solely dedicated to the multitudes of tyers who visit our web site and join us at our presentations and tying sessions across the country. We share the exact materials and procedures on how to duplicate our flies with full detail, intricacies, and illustration.

Tyers have ability to order and receive a hard copy (physical) or order and receive a digital download of the ties.

Here’s what you receive when ordering a  hard copy tying DVD from our store:

  1. Full color still photo at the start of the video so you can diagnose the bug’s proportions.
  2. Detailed recipe(s) of the exact materials used to construct the fly. We recommend staying with recipe initially because each of our flies has been tied for performance under that exact recipe. If the DVD includes more than one pattern, recipes will be included for those as well.
  3. Complete video and verbal construction of the bug-sharing insights on how to make the tie easier and more professional.

DVDs are priced from $9.95 to $19.95 and based on the number of recipes you receive in the pattern. If you order, for example, a “Beetle,” we don’t sell that fly in a different color so there’s only one recipe-thus the price is $9.95. The “Searcher,” is tied in seven colors with seven recipes; the cost of that DVD is $15.95, and you receive the full recipes for all seven bugs. We will tie only one fly in each series, but you’ll have recipes for all colors in that series.

Price of digital downloads is the price of the hard copy less $4.

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