Dry Fly Innovations Fishing Report Blog cracks the code and offers detailed insight on catching fish on any day of the year!

This elite one-of-a-kind dry fly fishing blog is available by subscription only. Contained within these blogs is a 15-year history of fishing a dry fly exclusively. In our archives, we have over 1500 entries, much like the samples shown below. These blogs will take you to rivers, streams, dredge ponds, high-alpine lakes, big compound lakes, spring creeks, and tail waters— all fished on a dry fly with remarkable results. You’ll experience success on a dry fly in every season of the year from the heart of winter to the heat of summer. The educational experience in these blogs can be found nowhere else on earth.

There are options to receiving the blog. With a purchase of a book or a single purchase of at least $250, we include a free 1-year subscription. With a single purchase of at least $300, we include a 2-year subscription. Below are some complimentary blog postings to get a feel of what we have to offer.

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June 27, 2014 Henry's Fork (Harriman Ranch) Dry Fly Fishing Report

October 25, 2015 SF Snake River above Jackson Winter Dry Fly Fishing Report

November 2, 2021 Henry's Fork Winter Dry Fly Fishing Report

July 13, 2022 Hebgen Lake Dry Fly Fishing Report

August 14, 2022 Green River (below Fontenelle Dam) Dry Fly Fishing Report