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Where "Dry fly fishing knows no season!" We can make magic happen before your very eyes. How? We design DRY FLIES that you can fish from early spring until the ice is floating in the winter. From high mountain lakes to spring creeks or tail waters, we have a recipe and a strategy that might change your whole perspective of DRY FLY fishing forever! Our mission is "To provide the finest dry flies and superb dry fly fishing techniques to anglers at all levels of expertise."

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Winter/spring dry fly fishing? It's always Dry Fly Season! Check out our fishing blog for April.  Click to read or click on picture link above.

Why Buy DFI Flies?

DFI Presentation DVDs  presentation group
Now that our show season is over and the major fly fishing season is almost here, are you ready? We now offers all presentations that have been given at shows and club meetings on DVD half off! Only $10 per title: Advanced Dry Fly Fishing, Dry Dry Approaches, Dry Fly EssentialsDry Fly Simplied [new for 2014] and Winter Dry Fly Fishing.  If you missed a presentation that we gave, or if you saw one and would like to watch and listen to it again, purchase your copy today. All slides and video vignettes are included–just like you were in the audience! Click here to learn more!

 Our Dry Fly Show called "Dry Fly Adventures," is located on YouTube. We upload a new series each month. To watch an episode, click on the links below:

Episode 1: Winter Dry Fly Fishing on the Snake River Episode 4: Stonefly Fishing
Episode 2: Tail Out of Winter Dry Fly Fishing Episode 5: Extreme Backpacking
Episode 3: Caddis Fishing Episode 6: Blue Wing Olive Fishing

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Check out our exclusive Destination Packs. Wherever you may be fishing, we got the bug for you! We don't have your specific location? Just call us and we will match the hatch for your water and make suggestions for all times of the year.