Custom Fly Boxes

Custom Fly Boxes

DFI offers the most comprehensive dry fly fishing systems available! We have hand selected our premium flies and placed them conveniently in a professional fly box to match the season you might elect to fish. If you own the box, you will be uniquely prepared to dry fly fish “all seasons” with the exact collection of flies that will bring you maximum success.

We also create custom destination boxes. You just indicate where you’re fishing and when, then leave the rest to us. We will research hatch charts and create the perfect box for your trip. Prices will vary due to fly choices and number of flies included. Call or email for a quote.

Most of the “All Season” or “Custom Destination” boxes are placed in a water-resistant, floating box*. Boxes are 2-sided, slotted foam, see-through plastic construction for easy fly identification, light and nearly indestructible. Best part – these boxes have a reinforced latch system. We use the small and medium sized boxes for easy storage in your vest. The specifications of each box are:

Small – 4.5″ x 3.35″ x 1.5″ Medium – 6.2″ x 4.13″ x 1.5″

All-Season Boxes include:

Big Brother: Fifty custom large flies arranged in the medium box.

Caddis Patch: Eight dozen custom designed caddis arranged in the medium box.

Emerger-cy: Eight dozen hatching and emerging patterns arranged in the medium box.

Majestic High Mountain System: Six dozen custom designed flies for use in high mountain streams and lakes arranged in the small box.

May Day: Eight dozen of the finest mayfly collection ever assembled, with No Hackles and Single Upright wings that can be fished year round throughout the Northwest arranged in the medium box.

The Miracle Fall/Winter System: Six dozen super flies designed for late fall and winter fishing placed in the small box.

The Searcher: Eight dozen custom designed searcher flies arranged in the medium box.

The marriage of DFI custom flies in a professional Dry Fly Innovations fly box rigs you with the finest tools to make you a fisherman of “All Seasons.”

Alpine Dry Fly Fishing

The best part is, with the purchase of any of these boxes, you receive a contents sheet for reference of box placement and a minimum of one-year subscription to our Fishing Report Blog.

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