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You could own the finest DRY FLIES in the world, but if you selected the wrong fly for the water characteristics you were fishing, or you neglected to deliver that bug properly, the results would always be the same--the fly would not perform and you would not be catching fish.

The sole purpose of this page is to assist you with the intricacies of how to fish our bugs for maximum performance. The following links will guide you through the essential information and proven techniques that will hone your skills and ensure the best opportunity for successful dry fly fishing.

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Dry Fly Adventures

Our dry fly shows, "Dry Fly Adventures," is located on YouTube. To watch an episode, click on the links below:

Episode 1: Winter Dry Fly Fishing on the Snake River Episode 4: Stonefly Fishing
Episode 2: Tail Out of Winter Dry Fly Fishing Episode 5: Extreme Backpacking
Episode 3: Caddis Fishing Episode 6: Blue Wing Olive Fishing
Episode 7: Cracking the Code  

Dry Fly Video Tips

Feeder Cast
High Mountain Dry Fly Fishing
Hydraulic Boil
Mending Casts Across a River
Quarter-Angling Casts
Upside-Down Cast