What if I don't know how to fly fish and I don't know anything about dry flies?

No Worries! Dry Fly Innovations and our family of Dry Fly Fishing experts love to take you from zero to hero in 10 easy and comprehensive lessons. You will learn everything from setting up your gear, tying your line, enering the water and casting the perfect cast. This information is located in our Blog.

What if I am an advanced fly fisherman, looking to get the edge over the big fish?

Advanced fishermen will enjoy the detail and meticulously curated blog content that covers specific rivers, weather, water, and hatch conditions. Subscribing to our blog will change the way you fly fish forever!

I spend so much time fly tying, How do I spend more time on the water?

If you are interested in getting out on the water consider a set of hand-tied flies from our fly-tying experts. Make sure you get all 4 hatches for each fly so you are prepared for hatch condition.

Is there a resource like a Dry Fly Fishing Bible, if you will, to help me in any situation?

Addicted to the Rise, Nate Brumley is the Dry Fly Fishing Bible and is his complete body of work regarding Dry Fly Fishing. Winter on a Dry Fly, Nate Brumley details the Brumley's awakening to the art of serving dry flies in the winter months and loving it!

Click on Books to learn more!

​How can I start my own Dry Fly Journey today?

This is my favorite question of all and is easier than you think. The first step in any journey is the first step. Start your Dry Fly experience with us today and we'll help you get started with the education, supplies to help you enjoy the practice to fly fishing.