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Ties - Special Order

It's an immense challenge to match the multiple hatches you'll encounter in a calendar year. Many species of insects have short hatch cycles where they come and go in days, not weeks. It's not feasible for our company to tie in bulk to many of these hatches, but your need for the pattern may still exist. For those of you who own our blogs, you'll often see the word "tester fly" in the lsit of bugs that caught fish. These are flies that I personally carry that are not offered in our fly section.

Well now that has all changed.... We will now custom tie for you any of the photo'd flies shown below with the following conditions:

  • Minimum order is one dozen (12). Prices below are for 12
  • The hook size mentioned for each pattern is the common size of the species, but should you wish to adjust that up or down, we can accommodate
  • Custom flies will be shipped within 30 days of order


Renegade $46.00
Although I don't use this pattern so much anymore, there was a time it was the backbone of my dry fly existence. If you're...
Rio Grande King $48.00
This was one of my favorite small stream flies as I was growing up in Idaho. I don't fish those small streams as often...
Yellow Jacket $46.00
A great yellow jacket imitation with a perfect tapered body, striated with brown thread and long, slender brown hackle tip wings. Extremely effective for...
Things $60.00
Because I have a 2-year old grandson, I watch many episodes of "The Cat in the Hat," and you can't help being a fan...