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Destination Packs

In an effort to always put the right bug in your hand on the rivers you elect to fish, Dry Fly Innovations has developed "Destination Packs." It's a collection of predominant flies that you'll encounter on rivers across the Northwest. If you're going fishing we'll have a selected fly pack for your destination. If you are fishing that location in late fall or winter please contact us for the "Winter Pack" of bugs also. Check back often as we will be updating regularly.

There’s a term at Dry Fly Innovations called “Owning the Hatch.” It means you own each of the hatch phases of a specific insect. It’s a fact that trout will doggedly target each of these phases and refuse other stages of the same hatching insect. So without dry fly patterns that mimic hatch phases, you could go fishless in a field of feeding fish. DFI to the rescue with “Hatch Phase Packs.” Each pack imitates the four stages of the bug hatch. We can also put together Hatch Packs for any specific insect you’re trying to match. Call us for help because it should always be your intention to “own the hatch!”

Hatch Phase: BWO Pack $47.00
A wonderful wintertime dry fly fishing arsenal! Includes 12 flies; 2 each of our finest BWO patterns (BWO Colored Emerger, BWO Comparadun, BWO Convertible,...
Hatch Phase: Caddis Pack $41.00
Includes two of each: Baetis Emperor Caddis #18, Brown Olive Emperor Caddis #18, Gray Emperor Caddis #18, Baetis Tantalizer #18, Brown Tantalizer #18, and...
Hatch Phase: Midge Pack $45.00
Includes 2 of each: Black Caddidge #22, Blood Midge Colored Emerger #20, Black w/Black Wing Colored Emerger #22/#20, Black Hoagie Cripple #20, BWO Hoagie...
Hatch Phase: PMD Pack $47.00
Includes 2 of each PMD patterns: Colored Emerger #20, Hatching Emerger #20, Hoagie Cripple Emerger #20, Comparadun #18, Convertible #18, No Hackle #18, Spent...
Lake Pack $67.00
Includes 20 flies, 2 of each: Black Ant #16/#14; Red Ant #16/#14; Blue Damsel #14; Black Emperor Caddis #18; Olive Brown Emperor Caddis #18;...
Mega-Winter Pack $72.00
The dry flies of winter MUST be perfect in color, size, and silhouette. These are our top-producing flies of winter. Includes 10 patterns;...
Mini-Winter Pack $46.00
Smaller winter pack. Includes 7 patterns, 2 of each (BWO Colored Emerger, Blood Midge, BWO Convertible, BWO Comparadun, Black Caddidge, BWO Hatching Emerger, and...