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Addicted to the Rise

 Addicted to the Rise is a cutting-edge dry fly book, For full review and details, click here.  Never before has there been such an interactive book that includes DVD video segments and blog inserts to help you improve your dry fly game! Click here for reviews!

Winter on a Dry Fly, our second book, is here! And like our first book, Addicted to the Rise, it includes a 1-year free subscription to the Fishing Report Blog [current subscribers receive an additional year]. For full review and details, click here.

Addicted to the Rise $49.95
Dry fly concepts, colored photos, video clips, Fishing Report Blogs, and Nate's top 12 fly recipes integrated into this 255-page book. Includes a...
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Winter on a Dry Fly $45.95
The rendezvous of a small bug with a big fish in winter! Detailed concepts, videos, still photos, blogs, tactics and strategies are tailored to...
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Idaho River Maps & Fishing Guide $20.00
Full color, beautifully illustrated! Thirty rivers divided in 3 geographic sections of Idaho. Included for each river are the best seasons, species, available illustrated...


Our fishing DVDs are designed for three main interests: Entertainment DVDs for the individual who enjoys watching a lot of fish caught on a certain river with a variety of DFI fly patterns; Fly Tying DVDs that illustrate and teach the art of tying our patterns; and Educational DVDs produced to help one become a better dry fly fisher in every season of the year, in every water condition, and in every hatch encountered. So whatever your fancy, we have the DVD for you!