July 8, 2019 Harriman Ranch Fishing Report: 60°/Overcast and light rain/South wind upriver

Posted by Nate & Geoff at 12:00 AM on Monday, Jul 8th, 2019

Day 6 We’d found a pretty sweet run of water across the river so naturally we’re on the fisherman’s trail at 8 AM headed there. Yesterday there were a lot of bugs and some big rainbows ready to eat them. Today was a different day with heavy overcast, cooler temperatures, and intervals of light rain. There are no bugs and zero rising fish. We sit along the shoreline for a couple of hours and the flat is still lifeless. Finally around 10:30 a few brown and green drakes appear. Along with the bug arrival, large pods of fish begin to take up feeding lanes in the center of the river. Geoff and I venture out to casting range but we can’t find large fish in the pod. We retreat to the shoreline and start running searching casts over water that held big fish yesterday. On one of those drifts a 17-inch rainbow rolls up and eats my #12 Hatching Green Drake. We net and photo a plump hard-fighting fish. I can’t get another fish to come blindly so we venture downriver to view around the next bend.

At the bottom of the run against the shoreline some 200 yards away, we mark a pod of rising fish. We entered the water, waded to center stream and headed downward toward the pod. It’s a stealthier approach wading into the fish rather than walking down the bank. Ten minutes later we’re at a post-up with a small pod of large fish feeding against the bank. We stand in place and two fish rise simultaneously 6 feet apart. Instantly my Hatching Green Drake #12 is in flight toward a target. The fly lands, drifts 4 feet, and a big rainbow eats the offering on a half-body out take. I set the hook and deliver a fat 18 incher to the net.

We reengage and the next fish in line eats the Hatcher as well. We couldn’t film this fish because a rain squall was passing through. I release the fish and hunt the next target which appeared a little farther down the bank. I move down while Geoff reactivates the camera after the rain. We set up and wait; then the big fish rises again. I make a single delivery and the fish eats on a full-head out take. I set the hook into a big, hot rainbow that knew how to fight like hell and jumps like a grasshopper. It was a brutal fight but the 21-inch rainbow finally finds the net. After releasing the fish the hatch flat shuts down and all targets vanish from the field.

Night Shift:

The day was cool and there were intervals of rain which had delayed the morning hatch. It continued to be heavily overcast and windy in the late afternoon; the drake hatch failed to muster during the nightshift. There were no bugs and few rising fish going into darkness. So we end our stay on the Henry’s with a dud on the final evening.

Flies that Caught Fish:

#12 Hatching Green Drake

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