July 3, 2019 Henry’s Fork (Chester to Fun Farm) Dry Fly Fishing Report: 78°/Sunny with puffy clouds/Wind upriver/Flow 2200cfs

Posted by Nate & Geoff at 3:12 PM on Wednesday, Jul 3rd, 2019

Note: Geoffrey and I spent a week at a base camp just outside of Last Chance (July 3-8). From that home base we fished the lower Henry’s (Chester to the Fun Farm), Hebgen Lake, Montana, and the Harriman Ranch. It was our objective to film most of this expedition to freshen our video library and share the action with you. The following summaries of the locations we fished will be accompanied by the still photos (as usual). We’ll place the video segments in an upcoming blog once we’ve broken down the 14 hours of filming.

Day 1

Geoff and I met up with our fishing buddy, Joe Bare, and floated the Chester to Fun Farm section of the Henry’s Fork. Using a #8 Black Gold Hardback, Geoff hooked three nice fish casting to the edges from the boat. It’s a short float on this section of river so we hunted hatch flats and settled in on a run with a few rising fish. Before we began to wade fish, we decided to have a little lunch. Geoff is in the back of the boat and he marks a big brown trout feeding only 20 feet above him. He doesn’t mention anything to Joe and me and silently picks up his rod. He makes a single cast with a #16 Flav Searcher and hooks that fish. Before Joe and I knew what was happening, Geoff is fighting a 20-inch brown trout. After a long fight in fast current he lands the fish. Joe and I gave Geoff a stern lecture about turning over opportunities like that to his elders.

After lunch we spread out across the hatch flat as a green drake hatch began. Using a combination of dry flies, we landed a large handful of quality fish from that run. The drake hatch was short-lived and we continued on downriver. We finished the float in early afternoon without encountering another run with rising fish.

From there we moved to Island Park for the night shift. It was a pretty slow evening without a major hatch developing before dark. But we did come across a few brown drakes, a bug Geoff and I would see a lot of in the coming days.

Flies that Caught Fish:

#12 Black Gold
#8 Black Gold Hardback
#16 Flav Searcher
#12 Green Hatching Drake
#18 Olive Brown Emperor Caddis

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